Summer #Pringles Karaoke

Create a funny and engagement digital amplification of Pringles as a cool summer brand and generate awareness of the Karaoke Kit through fun content.

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    Erika Kawaii
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We produced more than 60 original contents including videos, photos and text posts delivered across influencers' social platforms.

We involved 6 famous influencers who love music and have big followers´ community.

Baby K, Brancar, Shade, Sodin, Maryna and Erika Kawaii.

We created a series of video based on a karaoke challenge, where influencers had to write songs inspired by their fans.
Fans used the international “emoji-language” to submit their feelings about Summer. Influencers had then created funny and irreverent songs about these emojis and posted them on their socials. They sung them using the Pringles Karaoke Kit on a pre-recorded customized instrumental song.

We also tapped influencers to create snackable content such as backstages and bloopers on their biggest platforms.

We delivered:

  • 5 YouTube videos
  • 25 Instagram posts
  • 21 Facebook posts
  • 11 Twitter posts

Over 5 millions were reached, videos across all platforms received over 1,6M views and almost 400k users engaged with the content. The sentiment was mostly positive across the influencer and brand's posts.